How does radical transparency affect customer perceptions of the company?

radical transparency

The idea of radical transparency is that businesses and brands should openly share their details as if they were talking to a close friend. Some might think this sounds like a strange idea, but it's pretty clever in reality. As consumers are becoming more wary, knowing more about the company increases the authenticity of its brand. In this post, we'll cover what radical transparency is, how it can be beneficial for your business, and how you can implement it into your marketing strategy. What is radical transparency? Before we get into how radical transparency can help your business, it's important...

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Modern methods to protect products from counterfeiting

product protection

As soon as you start to be successful in business and bring your goods to the market, you risk counterfeiting your products. This is a challenge for all businesses, no matter what kind of business you run and how big or small it is. Online retail businesses are more exposed to the risk of their goods being counterfeited because there are fewer tangible barriers for online counterfeiters. So how can companies ensure product protection? (more…)

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How to protect the vaccine covid fake

covid vaccine fake

The vaccine for covid-19 is in high demand, and many people are looking to get their hands on it. Unfortunately, many people are trying to create fake versions of the vaccine. This could have disastrous consequences if people end up getting the wrong vaccine. This will talk to an expert about protecting yourself against covid vaccine fake. Stay safe out there. (more…)

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Why is traceability important in agriculture

traceability in agriculture

Importance of Traceability in Agriculture Agriculture is the backbone of the economy in many countries. The food that we eat every day comes from farms, and we must have a system in place to track where our food comes from. This is known as traceability. Traceability allows us to track the movement of food items from farm to table. It helps us ensure that our food is safe and healthy to eat. The following are the benefits of traceability in agriculture. (more…)

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Wine forgery is increasingly unsafe, world news

Wine forgery

Forgeries and counterfeits are rife in this day and age, and, as markets soar and grow, so the selection of counterfeit goods also grows. The wine industry is certainly one that has grown and developed over the years, and wine investing is now one of the most common forms of investing that people like to put their money into. But even the wine industry is not safe from forgeries and this is something that you need to consider. It is believed by experts that around 20% of all wine sold worldwide is fake, as reported by Business Insider.  (more…)

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Pharmacy tracking software, how does it work and why is it worth it ?

track and trace pharma

Technology is changing the world on a personal and professional level, and there are plenty of amazing ways technology is improving the world of business. One of the best ways this is occurring is via pharmacy tracking software. The medical sector is one of the most important in the world, and is also one of the industries at the forefront of embracing developing technologies. (more…)

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