Pharmacy tracking software, how does it work and why is it worth it ?

track and trace pharma

Technology is changing the world on a personal and professional level, and there are plenty of amazing ways technology is improving the world of business. One of the best ways this is occurring is via pharmacy tracking software. The medical sector is one of the most important in the world, and is also one of the industries at the forefront of embracing developing technologies.

Pharmacy tracking software is something that it is important to make the most of, and it can come with so many great benefits. There are a lot of ways technology influences the health and medicine sectors, and pharmacy tracking software is critical to the running, upkeep and efficiency of any pharmacy. Let’s take a closer look at this moving forward, and the role it plays in helping pharmacies treat patients better.

What is pharmacy tracking software?

Pharmacy tracking software is software that is purpose designed for pharmaceutical companies in order to keep track of their products, orders, prescriptions, packages and more. Pharmacies are dealing with a slew of orders on a daily basis, as well as having to restock drugs and make sure they are organized and all is running smoothly. Tracking software keeps records of important data and information that pharmacies rely upon, and provides an easy platform for users to access and keep up to date with orders and inventory, which are key pain points for a lot of pharmacies.

Track and trace

Track and trace is an invaluable part of the process too, and this is something that has come to greater prominence since the COVID-19 vaccinations were developed. Track and trace embodies the essence of pharmacy tracking software, and there is plenty to consider here. Serialization and aggregation solutions, such as those offered by Athena are integral to the success of any pharmacy, and equally, tracking software plays a key role too. 

How does it work?

Typically pharmacy tracking software can be bought readymade, and it will generally consist of a basic management system. This involves things like a key user interface, as well as data entry and retention, and security limits as well. At a practical level, it is often the case that the software will generate a barcode specific to the prescription once that prescription is booked in, and this can be used to check the status of the item and record the stage the prescription is at.

Why is it important?

According to data from the CDC, in 2016, almost 75% of physician appointments result in drugs being prescribed to patients. This means a lot of drugs and a lot of prescriptions, and it can become overwhelming. By using tracking software you can keep updated records of what you have ordered, what has been prescribed, what will be arriving and how much you need of specific drugs and inventory. It allows for better organization, greater peace of mind for patients, and a more effective and efficiently run pharmacy.

Pharmacy tracking software is essential for helping pharmacies to keep on top of what prescriptions their patients need, as well as helping with things like inventory too. Efficiency is vital for pharmacies to run well and to treat the greatest volume of patients in the best possible way.